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2 Pcs – Car Rear View Mirror Protective Film 95 x 135 mm, Anti Dazzle Waterproof Rainproof Anti Fog Car Sticker Side Glass Side Mirror

Installation Instruction:
  1. Clean the rearview mirror
  2. Tear off the first protective
  3. Spray water after tearing off the first protective membrane
  4. After the membrane is aligned paste
  5. If there are bubbles
  6. Scrape with a card
  7. Tear off the last membrane
  8. The installation is complete

Cosmic Easy car polish Hard wax (Made in Korea)

  • 200g
  • Easily applied
  • Carnauba wax formula
  • Lastingly protect against weathering effects
  • Prevention of discoloration

Honda Vezel 7D Design Black Color Seat Covers


high quality Japanese synthetic leather:

> Scratch Proof
> No Color Faded
> Easy To Wash

> Heat Proof

> Installation Services Also Available

Color : Red, Black, Beige, Gray and many more